Do You Realize?

Daniel Ferris

Daniel Ferris is an Associate Dean for Research, Associate Professor in Movement Science and Biomedical Engineering and an Adjunct Associate Professor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Michigan.

Matt Schlian

Matt Shlian teaches Two Dimensional Foundations and Paper Engineering at the University of Michigan and works as a visiting research scholar at the University's Material Science Department. He is currently working with researches to utilize paper engineering as a way to understand the flexible nature of nano-structures.


Sam Valenti IV

Sam Valenti IV is the founder of Ghostly International, home to two of America's finest independent record labels, Ghostly and Spectral Sound. The Michigan based company has carefully built a reputation for artistic quality and innovation since its inception in 1999.

Kiki Dontchev

Kiko Dontchev is a 2nd year masters student in Space Systems Engineering at the University of Michigan. Following graduation, he will be joining the team at SpaceX as an Avionics engineer.


Moses Lee & Nick Tobier

Moses Lee is an Academic Program Manager and Lecturer at the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan (UM), where he manages the Social Entrepreneurship Initiative. As a native New Yorker, Nick Tobier is a lifelong participant-observer of street life and the social life of public places. These inherently layered scenarios are at the core of his work as artist and educator, and Tobier's practice and pedagogy reflect his belief in the power of social dynamism and the fundamental role of artist as catalyst and conduit in this relationship.

John Holland

John Holland is an American scientist and Professor of Psychology and Electrical Engineering @ the University of Michigan where he researches and teaches on the study of cognitive processes and complex adaptive systems in general, using mathematical models and computer simulation.


Udae Sandhu

Udae is a freshman LS&A undecided major with a passion for entrepreneurship, yet his still set revolves around the humanities. Sandhu believes the lucky few that take their unique skill set and directly apply it to their passions in life will find happiness abound.

Thomas Pavone

Tommaso Pavone is a James B. Angell Scholar at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan. His current work involves the study of Western European politics and comparative political theory. Recent projects have included an analysis of how corruption is contributing to Italian immigrants.


Jim Burnstein

Jim Burnstein is one of the few working Hollywood screenwriters living in Michigan. His works include Renaissance Man and D3: The Mighty Ducks. Burnstein heads the Screenwriting Program at the University of Michigan, his alma mater, in the Department of Screen Arts & Culture.

Steve Rush

Stephen Rush is a Professor of Dance and Performing Technology at the University of Michigan where he has been teaching classes in music composition, music theory, and jazz for over 23 years.


Anca Trandafirescu

Anca Trandafirescu is an Assistant Professor in Architecture at the University of Michigan where she teaches in design theory and representation. In 2003, she established area.architecture with Glenn Wilcox. The practice explores the breadth of design issues through competitions, commissioned projects, furniture, and design/build work.

John Hart

John Hart is a MIT alum who teaches courses in design and manufacturing. His research involves carbon nanotube structures that are found, among other places, on the edges of samurai swords. His Mechanical Engineering has stood him in good stead, preparing him for the interdisciplinarity of nanotech research.


Subaram Raman

Subaram Raman is a first year masters student at the University of Michigan, currently studying under Michael Daugherty. He formerly studied under Paul Chihara and Roger Bourland at the University of California at Los Angeles.